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          Color Knowledge
        • Spectrophotometer for Curtain Fabric Color Measurement

        • Spectrophotometer for Curtain Fabric Color Measurement
          We get sample fabric from one of textile customer. For now, they control the color by human eye. Samples color difference value should be within Delta E*ab 0.8 comparing with the target.
                                                 Target Fabric                                                 Sample Fabric
          Today we will introduce how the measure the color of it with our color spectrophotometer CS-820.
          Test Condition
          1. Mode: Reflectance             2. Light Source and Angle: D65/10 degree
          3. Parameters need to Measure: color value L*a*b and ΔE*ab.
          4. Because the fabric is translucent, we will use one A4 paper to make sure no light will enter into instrument to affect test result.
          5. Make sure the test direction is same when measuring target and fabric because fabric is woven.
          Test Method
          1. Measure the color of the target fabric firstly. Then get its L*a*b, then measure the sample fabric to get the color differenceΔE*ab.
          The following are the test result:
          Company with the target, sample contains too much white and total color difference is Delta E*ab 1.43. These two colors are difference from each other.
          fabric spectrophotometer fabric spectrophotometer
          color spectrophotometercolor spectrophotometer
          Sample Name Parameters Test Value
          Target Fabric L 43.39
            a 0.05
            b -0.52
          Sample Fabric L 44.71
            a -0.48
            b -0.47
            Delta E*ab 1.43
          If any color measurement inquiry, you are welcome to contact us for more details. We will help to recommend the most suitable instrument for customers. Email: ivyzhang@colorspec.cn and Cell Phone: +86 18768499725. 


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